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Airtel and its Callous Call Centres

Have you ever been one of the few unfortunate ones to take the assistance of the call centre of Airtel Telecom for your Internet, cell phone or land line connections? Do you enjoy the music of Airtel’s ringtones as you … Continue reading

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Air India: Agonizing Hours and a Happy Ending

On August 19, 2012, we left for India after a very happy 4 months stay in US. Shannon had bought the tickets of American Airlines for up to JFK, New York Airport. Thereon, we had already the tickets bought through … Continue reading

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Ray of Hope in Deepening Darkness

I prefer a positive approach under all odds. However, every day, I find more and more darkness veiling the society. One of the Aamir’s ‘Satya mev Jayate’ shows had stunned me. A young girl stood and quietly talked about her … Continue reading

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A Letter for Akhilesh

I am really elated with the news of Yamuna Expressway, the Expressway to Eighth Wonder, finally getting operative. Many have written about this expressway and sent mails to me even here in US as they know my interest in it. … Continue reading

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मधुर यादें

(This is from the archives. I had entered on November 1, 2009 ) हर रोज सबेरा हंसता है और शाम सदा मुस्काती है जीवन तट पर अब खड़े हुए कुछ मधुर याद आ जाती हैं परदादी का गा गाकर मुझे … Continue reading

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US Media and India

I am not one who will bother if Oprah Winfrey makes some more nonsensical remarks about India and Indians to entertain her audience. It is obviously clear that the media in US prefer publishing hot stories from India. Americans may … Continue reading

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Present Political Turmoil: Real or Imaginary

It is interesting to know that blogs and twits have become so important today. The media is making it happen. One recent entry of LK Advani has perhaps stirred the hornet’s nest and brought in many possible candidates for the … Continue reading

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Education: Advantage USA

Emma became five in July 9, 2012. Emma has started going to KG class in Turner Creek Elementary School. That is at a walking distance from our residence in the Harmony Community across the road in Cary. Shannon and Anand … Continue reading

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लन्दन से आती आवाज

है लगी आज सबकी नजरें लन्दन की ओर | है आज जमाना, ब्यक्ति, देश है ब्यस्त, लगा है लिखने में इतिहास नया | मानव पौरुष का, कीर्तिमान से आगे बढ़ जाने का | भारत डूबा पर अंधकार का बोझ लिए, … Continue reading

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ये दोनों

निश्छल मन कोमल तन चुम्बन या उनका आलिंगन आकर्षक यह जीवन हर पल | मेरे मन की कुछ अभिलाषा इन दोनों ने है पूरी की| उनकी प्यारी मुस्कान कभी दिल दहलाती चिंघाड़ कभी सब ही होती आनंदमयी | ठुकराना उनकी … Continue reading

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