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West Bengal- A Coward State

I had once tried to go through Taslima‘s famous novel ‘Lajja’. I was in my village for few days and I had nothing to read. My cousin Alok had given me the book that was a Hindi translation of her … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-IV

It appears manufacturing in India is moving fast. Some segments are doing wonderfully well. Here are some stories from the recent weeks: Manufacturing beats IT, pharma in returns: The manufacturing sector was the top performer in creating shareholders value, according … Continue reading

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Six Nights in Salt Lake and Two in Rajdhani Express

We came back today to Noida, the place I hate as the people here are so business minded and I like as I can see Noida as a laboratory of surging India. Lalu has earned a name worldwide and particularly … Continue reading

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Can’t West Bengal Survive without CPM?

I have seen the emergence of CPM in West Bengal as ruling party. Congress Party after Dr. BC Roy gradually lost its hold. CPM emerged indomitable as it forged an effective united front of all leftist parties. Division of votes … Continue reading

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Booming and Blooming India-XXVIII

Stock market time and again makes record rise. The benchmark 30-share index rose 893.58 points, or 4.69%, to 19,929.06 in one day. Even many small investors are making money in this market. It was never like this. Top 5 IT … Continue reading

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Chhath- Some Reflections

During Hindustan Motors’ day, we lived in its residential flats for many years. Yamuna used to organize and celebrate Chhath almost every year without fail. For some years, I also undertook the rigorous fasting for almost four days and offered … Continue reading

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Researching India

Attractiveness: India is tipped to be among the top three destinations where multinational companies (MNCs) planned to spend their R&D budgets over the next three years, according to a 2004 survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit. A recent UNCTAD survey … Continue reading

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Education: National Priority

No doubt, education is the national priority. India can’t develop as superpower only with its massive number of population in working age group. India must build skills in its people through quality education of all sorts. IT has broken many … Continue reading

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Why Are Politicians Blocking N-deal?

As reported, a high-profile group of former military chiefs, ambassadors, senior bureaucrats, strategic planners, foreign secretaries, and nuclear and space scientists has addressed an open letter to MPs on the eve of the Parliament session to get the Indo-US Deal … Continue reading

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Economist and Technology in India

Economist last week carried a commendable special issue ‘Technology in India and China’. The lead article ‘Howling at the moon’ talked of the Asian aspirations on moon mission. China’s Chang’e 1 satellite, launched in October, began its first lap of … Continue reading

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