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FDI in Retail: My Apprehensions

It appears that the political turmoil and protest after the September surge or rush of policy announcements of Manmohan’s government are unnecessary so far the opening up of the multi-brand retails is concerned. As revealed, NDA during its regime was … Continue reading

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What Brought Reforms Deluge?

I am sure many must be wondering why it took almost 8 years for Manmohan to come back in ‘reforming mode’ for which he was known when he was the finance minister in Narsingha Rao’s cabinet in early 90s. Who … Continue reading

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Kejriwal and Anna: My Shock

For nearly two years, Anna and Kejriwal worked together to lead one movement that appeared to change the way India works. The younger generation celebrated the rise of a movement as well as its leadership. Many started hoping and seeing … Continue reading

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A Battle called Retail Reform

Yesterday I was listening to an interview of Amand Sharma on NDTV. Sharma is an efficient minister. He has tried to sell the policy of FDI in multi-brand retails well. However, I failed to understand at least two of his … Continue reading

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FDI in Retail: Is it reform

Is the FDI in multi-brand retail a reform? Will the Retail giants rush to India to take advantage of Manmohan’s policy to boost India’s GDP? Why is Manmohan and his government so excited? Is it the cure of all the … Continue reading

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Our Prime Minister and the Peter Principle

Manmohan Singh created a history of a sort as the finance minister of India in 1990s with his boss Narsingha Rao. The lady luck smiled on him again in 2004 and Sonia, the Mother Sacrifice issued the appointment letter to … Continue reading

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Coalgate Blackens Business Houses Too

Coalgate has broken all records of the scams not only by its amount involved. It has shocked me more because of the persons and the companies involved. It raises doubt of integrity of the person holding the highest office of … Continue reading

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Sensitive PMO, Insensitive Manmohan

The Time magazine first dubbed Manmohan Singh an “underachiever”. Now a Washington Post article has criticized him as a ‘silent’ Prime Minister who has become ‘a tragic figure’. I don’t know why the PMO should be so sensitive and reactive … Continue reading

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Sonia and Sushma

As a welcome sign, Sonia Gandhi talked finally to Sushma Swaraj directly to remove the emphases of parliament on Coalgate. I wish she would have done much before. And setting aside the gender bias, she would have spoken to Jaitley … Continue reading

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