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Education: Advantage USA

Emma became five in July 9, 2012. Emma has started going to KG class in Turner Creek Elementary School. That is at a walking distance from our residence in the Harmony Community across the road in Cary. Shannon and Anand … Continue reading

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लन्दन से आती आवाज

है लगी आज सबकी नजरें लन्दन की ओर | है आज जमाना, ब्यक्ति, देश है ब्यस्त, लगा है लिखने में इतिहास नया | मानव पौरुष का, कीर्तिमान से आगे बढ़ जाने का | भारत डूबा पर अंधकार का बोझ लिए, … Continue reading

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ये दोनों

निश्छल मन कोमल तन चुम्बन या उनका आलिंगन आकर्षक यह जीवन हर पल | मेरे मन की कुछ अभिलाषा इन दोनों ने है पूरी की| उनकी प्यारी मुस्कान कभी दिल दहलाती चिंघाड़ कभी सब ही होती आनंदमयी | ठुकराना उनकी … Continue reading

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India: The Powerless Superpower

India has gone for a record of a sort. As the media was reporting, the last two days of power outage affecting half of the country was the worst in India till date. But now I find someone claiming it … Continue reading

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Will Aamir Show Make Difference?

Years ago, when private TV channels started, we had been watching only Star Plus. But then I got disenchanted with the soap shows and shifted to the news channels, surfing and blogging. After trying many, Yamuna switched to ‘NDTV Imagine’ … Continue reading

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