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Booming and Blooming India-XXXIII

Sensex hovering around 20K and India Inc scaling up in almost all sectors, the boom appears to continue even in 2008. Investors’ wealth on the Indian bourses has crossed Rs 70,00,000-crore milestone for the first time in history, with an … Continue reading

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Virtual IIT Can Bring Revolution

Let me confess I did never get very much impressed by the quality of teaching at IIT at Kharagpur between 1957-1961, when I was there. As I can talk now, only few of the teachers were excellent. Most of them … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Ratan Tata Save Buddha?

I am surprised and shocked. Mamta’s fast has gone on for now 25 days. Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s fast against land acquisition in Singur enters the 25th day today. With her health deteriorating in the evening, Banerjee had to … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs-in-making but manufacturing

Here are some stories of the young men and women from just one reputable business school who have given up the cozy life and fat salary packets of multinational to start something of their own and perhaps setting the trends … Continue reading

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Bihar- Hope and Despair

Nitish Kumar may be a nice man, perhaps gentleman unlike Laluji. However, my views are not based on any facts. It is through the media reports about Nitish that I liked. Recently, all his party men were after the blood … Continue reading

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Why Envy If Politicians Develop their Villages?

I came across some reports how the politicians served their own villages when in power in ‘Metro India’. The stories related to Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. As reported, Nitish had been indifferent or knowingly avoided doing … Continue reading

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Auto Sector Getting Innovative

Auto component sector started localization with reverse engineering in 80s. I had opportunity to work with General Motors, Vauxhall Motors, Isuzu Motors, and Mitsubishi Motors for various projects. Development of components was difficult as it used to a proprietary item … Continue reading

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Comrades’ West Bengal

Many a time I wondered how could West Bengal remain so poor and less developed even after 30 year of stable leftist rule. I did write about my experiences how the leftists spoiled the industries of West Bengal through trade … Continue reading

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Bihar-Some light in darkness

For almost a month, I have not written about Bihar. ‘Chetawani’ or ‘Sankalp’ rallies only made me morose. Why can’t Paswan and Lalu change their political strategies for the sake of the people of Bihar at least for some time? … Continue reading

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Booming and Blooming India-XXIX

A sluggish manufacturing sector pulled down economic growth to 8.9% in the second quarter of 2007-08 as compared to 10.2% during the corresponding period of the previous year, despite a good show by the agriculture and mining sectors. Rising rupee … Continue reading

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