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Nuclear Deal Trust Vote: Casualties in Win

Man Mohan Singh had to win the trust vote, as it posed a challenge for his survival. He won it ultimately, but it did some consequential damage for the nation. Was it a tarnished triumph? Are the new groupings not … Continue reading

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Indian Growth Story- Gloom or Bloom

What happened in Lok Sabha on July 22 must have heartened many, though the climax with Rs 1 crore on table might have made some morose too. Record high inflation is hurting the majority of middle class badly. Interest rate … Continue reading

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Obama, India and Indians

Obama has raised the expectation levels of Americans very high. Many youngsters and liberal American foresee a golden era for US under Obama. I don’t know how would this intellectually better president-in-making fare. Will he be able to pull up … Continue reading

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Politics of Sethusamudram

Why can’t the government and lawyers spare Rama? By one affidavit, Rama loses his historicity, and by another affidavit Rama destroys the Sethu that his monkey army built. Can lawyers and courts decide on faith? Can even the scripture stop … Continue reading

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India’s Rising, China is Struggling

For the present smart young Indian entrepreneurs as well as rulers of India, China has become a benchmark. During the recent debate on trust vote, Chidambaram made a forceful reference to China: “I do not envy China, I wish to … Continue reading

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Energy Security: Beyond Nuclear Deal-2

Another critical area of energy security relates to India’s dependence on imported crude oil. ‘Last year India imported 121.67 million tones (9.1% more that the year before) billed at $68 billion (40% more than the year before, because of the … Continue reading

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PM Survived, India Stained

With the proceedings of Lok Sabha on TV channels, the people of India could see the performance and behaviour of their representatives. Like millions, I also remained glued to TV to hear the MPs in trust vote debate but for … Continue reading

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Energy Security and Nuclear Deal

The whole of yesterday, I anxiously watched the proceedings of Lok Sabha. Speaker after speaker from all the political parties talked about the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. The Deal will free India for getting the supply of uranium to keep the … Continue reading

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Polluters of Parliamentary Democrac

There are some names in Indian politics that must shame perhaps every sane person. Unfortunately, the media and the electorate don’t declare them outcastes, as India is a unique democracy. Let me start with Ajit Singh, an IITian by education. … Continue reading

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Arjun Looses Main Battle

Many years ago in a visit to a machine tool company in Germany, I came across a very sophisticated production line for manufacturing the components of Arjuna tanks. Only the defence could afford those sophistications of CNC flexible manufacturing system … Continue reading

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