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Waste: Challenge or Opportunity

My morning walk in Salt Lake through central park shocks me. The litter created by the natural phenomenon of falling tree leaves, withered flowers as well as those left by the visitors must be a big problem for those who … Continue reading

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Sher Shah Provides Path

In last fortnight, I saw the name of Sher Shah mentioned many times, though in different contexts. Lalu Prasad compared Sonia with Sher Shah. What a sycophancy! But I excuse Lalu for his statement, as I don’t expect anything better. … Continue reading

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Salt Lake -I Love and I Hate

I am in Salt Lake for almost a month now. I sit in my balcony on the second floor sometimes. I enjoy the quietness and solitude and sometimes the real and rare beauty of the rising sun. Rarely, any car … Continue reading

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HM: Mythological Motown

I could never think that HM would be news material worth a place as the main headline on the front page of Telegraph. Only yesterday, a worker from HM visited me hearing that we were here in Salt Lake. I … Continue reading

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Business Competitiveness, Bihar and Politics

Last issue of Business World was a special on the business competitiveness of the states of India. Maharashtra leads followed with Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhdra Pradesh, and Haryana among the larger states following it. Even among the prosperity … Continue reading

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Bharat Nirman – The Trump card of Man Mohan Singh

Bharat Nirman has become the symbol of Man Mohan Government, if we go by the importance given to it in projecting the achievement of this through digital media including TV ads something on line of the shining India of NDA. … Continue reading

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India’s Priority: temple, terror, or turbine

BJP has again revived the slogan to build a magnificent temple for Lord Ram in Ayodhya. Unfortunately, neither BJP nor its allied institutions such Vishwa Hindu Parishad talk about huge lot of money collected for the temple. Even the devotees … Continue reading

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Nitish Kumar: An Open Lette

I have been writing supporting the objective of your Vikash Yatra. However, I was shocked to hear a report on NDTV India today.(One ca see it on video on It showed some farmers somewhere in Katihar and their produce … Continue reading

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Vedic Mathematics to Vedic Management

I understand Dr. S Kannan, a Chennai-based Chartered Accountant, has written a new book ‘Vedic Management’. I had known only Vedic mathematics. One of my old friends, MK Sharma demonstrated once the ease with which one can solve big arithmetical … Continue reading

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Made in India: Car or Laptop

It appears Tata Motors will soon launch its most talked about ultra cheap car, ‘Nano’, the small car seen as a symbol of India’s expertise in frugal engineering. Some says it may be as early as on the next March … Continue reading

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