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Developing India-A New Measure

Technology can solve many of India’s problems easily and effectively. Most of the universities are functioning with fewer than desired number of teachers. Even among the available ones, many are poorly qualified and can hardly meet the desired standard of … Continue reading

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Salman Khan: a math teacher with difference

I came to know of Salman Khan through a report in Times of India. He is a hedge fund manager of Indian origin in California, USA. His 700 videos on You Tube have become quite a hit with students abroad … Continue reading

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India: Challenge of Innovation

According to the Booz & Company’s annual Global Innovation 1000 study, the top 80 U.S. corporate R&D spenders deployed an estimated US$80.1 billion of their $146 billion R&D funds overseas in 2007. The top 50 European companies spent $51.4 billion … Continue reading

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Clean Car Technologies: Can Indian innovators contribute?

It was interesting to hear Ravi Kant of Tata Motors suggesting that ‘India should focus on producing cheap, efficient and small electric cars over the next five years’ at Pan-IIT Global Conference 2008. Why didn’t Tata Motors, the only Indian … Continue reading

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Booming and Blooming India-XXXII

font color=”#FF0000″ size=”3″>Tata set to clinch Jaguar-Land Rover deal: Indian conglomerate Ta><tas are the top choice for buying the US auto giant Ford’s iconic British brands Jaguar and Land Rover, according to a media report here. L&T in power business: … Continue reading

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Entrepreneuring India

Economist in its latest edition has an unusual story of IRFAN ALAM, a 27-year-old from Begusarai in Bihar and his typically Indian thirsts of entrepreneurship exhibited through his company SammaaN Foundation that he established in Patna in 2007. Irfan Alam, … Continue reading

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Teji Bachchan and Sonia Gandhi

A HOMAGE TOO Teji Bachchan, wife of the late Hindi poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan and mother of Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, died yesterday (Friday) at the age of 93. I was a fan of Haribans Rai Bachchan, the famous popular … Continue reading

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Lead from Front

Perhaps the biggest change, over the years that I notice is that the executives are too busy with the meetings. Whenever I contact some whom I knew during office hours these days, the normal reply nowadays is ‘Sahab is in … Continue reading

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Tulsi- Means of Livelihood

I was amazed when I found one Organic India’s Tulsi Tea Collection sachet in an envelope from ‘Good Housekeeping’, a magazine along with other promotion materials. Yamuna has always kept a tulsi in our residence wherever we lived. Tulsi leaves … Continue reading

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‘Economist’ This Week

‘Economist’ this week has four reports related to India. It is good enough indication of the importance and attention that India is getting these days. The report on Information technology in India ‘Gravity’s pull’ deals with a fear or prophecy … Continue reading

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