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Aakash Again in News

Aakash is again in news. Media reports of the two cabinet ministers are interesting and show how this government is working. Pallam Raju, the new HRD Minister, who is an alumnus of IIT, expressed concerns over the future of Aakash … Continue reading

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Tacitus and Chanakya

Chanakya was one of the most quoted Indian thinkers of ancient India by Indian politicians in parliament and outside. But very lately perhaps Chanakya started appearing a little too much Indian, and may be some crancky ones might be thinking … Continue reading

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एक पुरानी कबिता: केशव के लौटने के बाद

बड़े सकारे सपना देखा हाथ बढ़ाये,मुस्काते तुम ठुमक ठुमक तुम आते हो मेरी बाहों में तुमको पाकर सबकुछ पाता सपने में ही तुम हंसते हो, मैं हंसता हूँ हंसी हमारी भर देती सारे आंगन को तुम्हे देख मैं सब भूला … Continue reading

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India: Some Data on Healthcare

Healthcare and education facilities still are dismal and nightmarish in rural India. Even if one has strong emotional attachment to his or her sweet village home in rural India, he or she can’t execute the call of the heart because … Continue reading

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Indian Farming- Diversifying for Growth

If you wish to see how vegetable farmers or fruit growers of the country are changing their course and producing many new vegetables and fruits that were seen only in foreign countries, visit some Safal outlets or some weekly bazaar. … Continue reading

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Farming India-Some More Data

In 2011-12, Nitish Kumar not the chief minister but a farmer from Darveshpura village in Nalanda in Bihar produced 224 quintals (22. 4 tons) of paddy in a hectare using the system of rice intensification (SRI). Kumar shattered the world … Continue reading

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The Great India Farming

I have the personal bitter experience of the scarcity of food grains in ‘50s and 60’s when in Calcutta we lived on imported poor quality wheat and coarse boiled rice from the ration shops. Nothing was available in open market. … Continue reading

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For a Change

I have written against Manmohan a little more only with a hope that he will speed up the development of this beloved country that has remained under subjugation for centuries. Manmohan though has failed as an administrator, but he remained … Continue reading

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