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Spiraling Prices: Who’s Responsible?

Who is responsible for the spiraling process? Hoarders, politicians, government-both at centre and in the states, traders, farmers or the people of the country! How is this country with more than 70% of the population without any salary cheques coming … Continue reading

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Product That Prides: iPad and India’s own Kindle

Image The techies in US and world over appear to be talking today of only one product iPad that Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled. Will it be as popular as iPhone or iPod? Anand was the first to send the message … Continue reading

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Dr. Rajendra Prasad: Bihar’s Legendary Son

Images of Dr. Rajendra Prasad I wonder how many know about the academic record of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Most of the younger generation has forgotten even this first President of India, who could also be the prime minister. Subhash C … Continue reading

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India became ‘republic’ in 1950, and interestingly, I started my formal schooling in the same year in class VI in Birlapur Vidyalaya. And now I am 70+. While there is hardly anything to achieve for me, I wish the republic … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Sector- India’s Hope

“If India is to realize its potential as an economic superpower, it will have to keep following China’s path by becoming one of the world’s factories. The IT sector gives India a good brand image, but most Indian jobs will … Continue reading

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Will Gen Next Save Bihar?

I am shocked. Some politicians of Bihar are making Rana Pratap the same as some in Maharashtra did with Shivaji. I don’t know why Rajasthan is not objecting to their hijacking of Rana Pratap. Rana Pratap and Shivaji are two … Continue reading

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India as Economic Power: Some Indicators

‘India is likely to be the world’s most important economic power by 2030’. And what are the reasons behind this optimism? Perhaps one of the major and visible indicators is in business start-ups. Business start-ups in India in 2007 numbered … Continue reading

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‘Three Idiots’-My Comments

It appeared at one time as if I would not be able to watch the movie that I wanted before making some comments. Finally we made it on Monday, perhaps after two weeks. It has already made a record collection … Continue reading

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India’s Next Decade: Be Teacher

Wanted a million teachers for the elementary level and half a-million at the secondary level.. Great numbers for the unemployment scene! Will the Next Gen take a note of it and be a good teacher and help making India a … Continue reading

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English: A Necessity of Nation

I never knew of the SC scare about China poising to overtake India in English proficiency. And that it may take away the leadership of Indians’ globally recognized advantages in IT/BPO sector. Does India aim to depend on one sector … Continue reading

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