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Billions, Billions Worth Land Scams

Morning walk becomes enjoyable with someone to gossip, mainly on current topics. Some of the acquaintances, who accompany me mostly, are retired high ranking engineers, even chiefs from the departments of irrigation, PWD with roads, state electricity boards and even … Continue reading

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Greening Noida: Maintain it too

The sky remained over cast with cloud for the whole day but it didn’t rain. My neighbour, the younger sardarji told me that it rained heavily yesterday in New Delhi. Over the years I have firmed up my belief that … Continue reading

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Nitish’s Inferiority Complex or Ego

Over the years, I have kept updated on the news from Bihar. With Nitish, Bihar has seen almost a transformation from its dark age to a developing state. But the rate of growth could have been higher. And that is … Continue reading

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On This Day 20 Years Ago

Manmohan Singh, then minister of finance, facing a balance-of-payments crisis, told parliament that “the room for manoeuvre, to live on borrowed money or time, does not exist any more.” He attacked the prioritisation of producers over consumers, and swept away … Continue reading

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Bihar’s Dismal Rural Education- Root Cause

Last evening my wife, Yamuna was talking to Sulekha, my sister-in-law in Pipra. I was inquisitive to know about the girls with whom I talked during my March visit to my village. They all had appeared for school final examination. … Continue reading

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Is Manmohan Still Honest and Brilliant?

I came across a blog, ‘The PM is an honest man and a brilliant economist’. Is he really qualified with the adjectives even after the whole of the country knows now and is experiencing? After Supreme Court rebuke, Delhi police … Continue reading

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Rural India: Education thru’ Technology

When the rural India is so behind in getting a right access to good education because of poorly qualified teachers or somewhere even the lack of schools and colleges, can technology take over the role of teachers or be of … Continue reading

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Malice of Education

Imparting quality education has become really challenging. Simultaneously, it provides huge opportunity too for the country and its young population. If one goes by the number of ads in newspapers and magazines, perhaps the majority numbers of ads may be … Continue reading

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India Inc: Educate and Skill Rural India

Everyone, be they politicians or administrators or corporate honchos, talk of inclusive growth and equity at all platforms. I wonder if they are really in know of the real problems and interested to do something. Rural India is getting lagged … Continue reading

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Bihar: Neglected Higher Education

Nitish Kumar has hardly done anything to contribute to and improve the higher education in the state during the years of his rule. The students’ and teachers’ indiscipline is still a major deterrent for creating an ambience for respectable academic … Continue reading

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