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China Masterly Surprises World

Be it Lenovo’s takeover of IBMs PC business, Huwaei’s competing and winning business from Cisco, magnificent and flawless management Beijing Olympics Games, or the space walk, the Chinese has kept the world surprising. With the global financial meltdown with epicenter … Continue reading

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Halloween and Pumpkin

Since the time we are in US, the pumpkins have been the most visible drawing our attention. It is so, as it is Halloween time. On Saturday, October 25 Shannon took us to one Halloween Patch in nearby fairground. Patch … Continue reading

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NUMMI Auto Plant in Fremont

It is almost after a decade that I visited an auto plant on Friday, October 24 and that also in Silicon Valley. When we were here in 2005, we had seen the plant from a distance and perhaps I had … Continue reading

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Smart Farming And Educational Institutions

I am not an agricultural engineer, a farmer or a scientist. However, I have my root in the villages of India that appears at this age pulling my mind to think about it. I keep on writing about my viewpoints … Continue reading

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IITians’ Lust to Join Unscrupulous Gangs

Years ago while working for the HM projects at Pithampur near Indore and Vadodara, I had to work with Mukherji. Mukherji was a graduate from IIT, Kharagpur. He had done his MBA in finance and was working with IFC-Washington. He … Continue reading

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America-The Superpower

Fareed Zakaria’s book ‘The Post-American World’ has a chapter on ‘American Power’. It is interesting to know about some statistics about the power of America. It may serve a roadmap for the other prospective emerging economies to firm up its … Continue reading

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Ratan Tata and His Open Letter

After making a decision to move Nano project out of West Bengal, Ratan Tata had come out with a very strong statement naming Mamta Banerji responsible for pull out. I had considered Ratan Tata as one of the most mature … Continue reading

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