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Joyous June, 2012 in US

We didn’t only escape the intolerable heat waves of Noida, many things added to our joy in this month, June 2012 that will remain memorable for a long time in the remaining life. It was a month with the birthday … Continue reading

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Nitish and Narendra

I had come to USA leaving the Indian politics behind. However, whatever is happening in India makes me feel sorry for the country and more so because the hero (or villain) in the story is from Bihar. Why are the … Continue reading

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Sangma over Pranab

I am emotionally weak. I am old. I got morose when Anna and more so, Kejriwal charged Pranab with corruption and when person as old as Advani wished to set up a candidate against him just for opposition. I and … Continue reading

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India Story: Bloom or Gloom

Be it horrendous news reports of rating agencies such as S&P or Fitch or of the ever increasing double digit inflation, from every side it appears that the India story is full of gloom. However, as usual there are some … Continue reading

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Economy: India Loosing Focus

Denunciation of S&P’s warning to lower investment rating expected better reaction than those from Moily orAshwani Kumar.No amount of solaces through press statement or articles in media from the government’s own economists, be it Rangarajan or Kaushik Basu but visible … Continue reading

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Mischievous Mamata

While the nation is getting rated ‘junk’ category, inflation running high making even the better ones in billion feel miserable, share market in turmoil, deficits unmanageable and the India story getting tarnished with the news of scams after scams and … Continue reading

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My India: Anguish or Anger

I dreamt of India as emerging, shining and competing China. All my blogs on China vs. India were based on my conviction: If China can do, so can India. But since last two years or so, things are declining. India … Continue reading

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