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From the Best and the Worst States

At the recent fifth State of the States conclave of India Today, ten chief ministers, one deputy chief minister and ministers from three states debated the causes of rising inequality and the need to push inclusive growth. INDIA TODAY Editor-in-Chief … Continue reading

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Chinese Toys- Lessons from Mattel Story

Many years ago, I had read a story in Readers Digest about the quality of a Japanese doll that was getting inspected. The inspector rejected it as the doll had some sharp feature that could hurt the child using it. … Continue reading

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Media and Frustrating Confusions

Many a time it becomes difficult to decide the real picture. We naturally base our opinion on the information available from media. Two recent confusions come to my mind. Lalu Yadav and his turnaround story of the Indian railways has … Continue reading

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Powering India-6 Nuclear

India produced over 1,30,000 MW last fiscal India hopes to add another 78,000 MW by 2011-12. Some estimates that India must add nearly 20,000 MW per annum in power capacity to sustain 9-10 per cent GDP growth that is one … Continue reading

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Noida Authority! Who authorizes to waste taxpayers’ money?

Noida Authority (NA) had been constructing a service lane along both the sides of the main road connecting Choura Mor to Dadri Road for last few months or perhaps a year causing inconvenience to all those who use the road … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India- XIX

The economy is on song, (despite recent dat revealing a suspected slowdown in manufacturing growth), and India Inc. is in rapid expansion mode. This the way a report starts on a feature, ‘India is now world’s 7th largest IPO market’. … Continue reading

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Guru I Certainly Need

On September 20, the column of Speaking Tree had an article by Kamlesh Dixit, ‘A guru to provide safe harbour’. I remember many years ago, my uncle induced Yamuna and me to have ‘Gurumukh’ from a Guruji. We had come … Continue reading

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China vs. India- Ying and Chandragupta

In 1974, a farmer, while digging his well, discovered first of the life-sized clay figure of soldiers of the famous terracotta army of China. Archeologists described it as the greatest archeological find of the 20th century. The first emperor wanted … Continue reading

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Education- Where India Fails

A NASSOCOM-McKinsey study last year predicted a shortfall of 5,00,000 by 2010 for IT sector. It shocked the Indians who were languishing under the perception of its demographic advantage, as India turns out 4,00,000 plus engineers a year. Admissions last … Continue reading

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Kerala’s Karats, and Buddha’s Bengal

It is strange. Karat is trying to undo all that Buddha is perspiring for in West Bengal. Karat’s foolish rigidity on Indo-US Nuclear deal on nuclear power can spoil the party of the booming economy for India. Naturally that will … Continue reading

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