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PM Defends?

Unfortunately no transcript of what all went on in the first meeting of Manmohan Singh with select five editors, is available. However, his pretty long introductory note is available on Prime minister’s website that I went through and found really … Continue reading

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A Discarded man, also a Prime Minister

“Today is the 91st birth anniversary of PV Narsingha Rao, one of most learned among the prime ministers of India who laid the reform in economic policies that has made the country respected globally? However, the country expressed it through … Continue reading

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Rural India Needs Creation of Jobs

The increased yield over the years (that may not compare anywhere with China) and good minimum support price have made many young men in rural India aspiring for better life. They are finding solutions to the problems such as power … Continue reading

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Manmohan Needs Exit Excuse

I don’t know the right word that I should use for Manmohan Singh. I want to add the word as prefix of ‘shameless’ or ‘pitiable’. I didn’t hold a post as high as he holds. But in my professional life … Continue reading

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Kapil Sibal- Rhetoric, Hyperbole or Simply Bakwas

I don’t know if there is any law that can prosecute a minister that too a rising star like Kapil Sibal for spreading falsehood that he has been doing with all his vigour as the chief negotiator and the spokesman … Continue reading

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Is India Rich or Poor?

India is strange in many ways. Perhaps the question of it being rich or poor may not be right one. But as a person like me goes through various views about India as economic power or about its GDP and … Continue reading

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Has Opposition been sidelined by Congress?

The whole country was discussing Lokpal, corruption and black money in last few months. But politically it appeared it as a summit of five ministers and five members of civil society belonging to Anna Hazare. Let me confess I did … Continue reading

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