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I Am Away And Leaving “My Friend” Behind

The people of our age have been directed by the scriptures to visit places of religious importance that perhaps can get them a suitable place in the heavenly abode, if there is one. And with that sort of incentives, religious … Continue reading

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Some Recommendations oF National Knowledge Commission

Sam Pitroda is credited with bringing about the telecom revolution in India. He heads the National Knowledge Commission initiated by UPA government. Some of the remarks of Pitroda, as chairman of NKC, about the reservations for OBC in higher education … Continue reading

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Indian Power Shortage A Management Matter

Around 56% rural households and 12% urban households still do not have access to electricity. The power ministry has a plan to provide power to all by 2012. Has it something to do with the lack of generation capacity created … Continue reading

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A $10 Laptop- An Utopia or Endeavour Worth Attention

Many projects of a cheap computer affordable by the children of even the poorest of the families and with Internet connectivity have been undertaken. The ides is to give a gadget that can ease the life through knowledge sharing to … Continue reading

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‘Eklvya’- The Mahabharat-ian Story and The Film

I don’t know how many of those going for seeing the movie ‘Eklvya’ know this saddest story of Mahabharat, that has a strong lesson about the capability one can attain through self study and practices, and that provides a good … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones, Prosperity and India

Many years ago, one evening I was waiting for an advocate in his residence in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Suddenly, his young daughter came in the room and started talking on phone. She continued talking even after her father came … Continue reading

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FM’s Budget Again- A Humble Submission

I have been wondering over my fanatic excitement with the FM’s budget speeches in February every year. Many a times, I left my serious work and came home to listen to the speech and the reactions of the experts. Dr. … Continue reading

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