Ray of Hope in Deepening Darkness

I prefer a positive approach under all odds. However, every day, I find more and more darkness veiling the society. One of the Aamir’s ‘Satya mev Jayate’ shows had stunned me. A young girl stood and quietly talked about her friends taking to alcohol for a fun. A recent report in India Today: ‘Is Young India Drunk?’ stunned and shocked me. I am sure the report doesn’t exaggerate the real situation. And it has not published the report for marketing the magazine in today’s competitive media business. I get reminded of that Holi of my village in 2008 and those three teens rather kids totally drunk lying on the ground in the lane in front of our house.

Recent media stories of the women victims of the aspiring middle class families in media must have shocked everyone but certainly those from the old generation.

But there are many more cases of young men and women doing wonderful things under all odds of India. It makes me feel proud and inspired. The next generation brings hope for a powerful and India.

Many young innovative entrepreneurs are turning to technology to transform urban living.

Smartphones such as i-Phones and many new gadgets such as laptops and tablets are making it easier for urban Indians to live, work and play and improve the quality of life.

There are some diehard romantics too who strongly believe that an ‘India Shining’ can still be a reality. Many are experimenting with some different ways to make learning effective and useful.

Interestingly, some alumni of IITs and IIMs are trying to make possible the learning through fun rather a boring rote task, They are doing this after sacrificing the cozy and six figures salary jobs that was engaging them.

I hope India will compete China, at least in the game of talent.

I wish only India could go ahead from the curse that led to its partition and develop as an integrated nation.

Will the politicians give up the dogfights? The people are no more ready to accept that. They must work for the job assigned by the people.

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