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Anpadh, Ganwar and Nalayak

Om Puri called MPs ‘anpadh’, ‘ganwaar’, ‘nalayak’. Angry parliamentarians moved privilege motion. Speaker has admitted. Are these words unparliamentarian? Anpadh is one who is not educated. According to Lalu, ‘bidya se buddhi nahin aati, buddhi se bidya aati hai’, that … Continue reading

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Manmohan’s Credibility Loss and Alternative

Anna’s win certainly has exposed Manmohan and his total ineffective governance. Rahul Gandhi not only proved himself poor in assisting Manmohan to salvage the damage done in making multiple mistakes in handling Anna’s hurricane. Rather the way Rahul tried to … Continue reading

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Nano Sales: Case of Market Research or Marketing

Images-Nano Cars I wonder if Tata Motors had undertaken a detail market research for Nano before deciding to set up a plant for it or it was totally unilateral initiative, decision or wish of Ratan Tata as expressed by him … Continue reading

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Government Playing Smart

If the country believes the doctors attending on Anna, the situation is really becoming grim. But somehow it has become equally difficult to trust Manmohan or for that matter even the leadership of BJP. I don’t know why Manmohan is … Continue reading

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Anna: Lessons for Gen Y

I pray that Anna doesn’t fast unto death against the insensitive and adamant leadership in the government. But the elite of the country and particularly younger generation must take some lessons from him, and vow to something more than only … Continue reading

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Anna Wave: Dissenting Voices and Worries

I got a funny idea last night. Would Manmohan Singh go for a fast for three days to appreciate what a fast means, if he really believes rationally that his Lokpal Bill will create an effective and strong Lokpal to … Continue reading

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India- Another People’s Movement

Alok surprised me when on enquiry on phone, he told me that the local young men are also holding protest rally in Karaghar Block of District Rohtas, Bihar. In evening again, I found a group of young men passing in … Continue reading

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Government Still on Wrong Route

Even after seeing the mass upsurge all over the country in favour of Anna’s remand and bill on August 16, Manmohan Singh and his government are still in mood of confrontation and don’t wish to learn from its mistakes. Mass … Continue reading

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@ 65th Independence Day

On the eve of Independence Day, I was feeling miserable with the news of Team India in a state of free fall. I opened my TV to see something better, but then I came across Manish Tiwari, the repulsive spokesman … Continue reading

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I had called OP Khanna to acknowledge his mail inviting for the golden jubilee meet of our batch mates of IIT. He mentioned in that the special significance of the occasion by reminding that ‘as we are all 70 and … Continue reading

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