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My Dilemma with Bihar Story

I get excited with every good news report about Bihar or about someone from Bihar,be it a headline such as Bihar attaining the highest manufacturing growth in 2010-11 or Bihar readying for Rs 90,000 crore agriculture-road map. However, as usual … Continue reading

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Ethics and Politics with Some Mission

Earlier I heard of politics being dirty. Should it also be unethical? Should a political party be hundred percent engrossed in the politics that can take it to power? Should it not with thousands and sometimes millions of people following … Continue reading

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Will Lokpal Battle End with a Good New Year Gift to Nation?

The whole country is agog with the every hour changing news and rumour on the Lokpal Bill. Congress by its continuously vacillating stands over last few months has raised the political pitch of the parties in oppositions as well as … Continue reading

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FDI in Retail: Who Gets Benefited?

Government had to suspend the policy reform of permitting FDI in multi-brand retail, even though it was with a number of conditions safeguarding the local players. Almost all the opposition political parties opposed it because it might take away the … Continue reading

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Salman Khan- the Educator, not the Indian Hero

In 2005 US visit, I came to know about Salman and wrote a blog on his work. Through Anand’s Face book entry, I came to know of MIT honouring Salman’s enterprise. Salman A. Khan delivered the keynote address at MIT’s … Continue reading

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Rural Education Curricula Need Overhaul

During our school days of 1950s, most of the students in rural India used to be scared of two subjects- English and mathematics. While one of my uncles, who ranked very low in his class, was very good in conversational … Continue reading

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Why Apple or Galaxy instead of Aakash for MPs?

I love my iPad. It’s the first model and was a gift from Anand. It has made my life easy. It’s so user-friendly particularly for reading document in any font suitable to my eyesight that has gone very poor. All … Continue reading

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