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Finding Zero: Indian or Old Khmer

I have just finished a book ‘Finding Zero’ by Amir D. Aczel. It has been a real interesting reading about the re-discovery of the earliest zero of our system we have ever found. A French scholar named George Coedès discovered … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to PM: Industry and Academia

I was the batch-mate of Prof. BB Pandey at IIT, Kharagpur. I had met him first on the day I had gone to IIT, Kharagpur with my grandfather for the interview, well back in 1957. I joined Mechanical Engineeing while … Continue reading

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My Views from My Scrap Book

1 Arun Jaitley Let the banks pull up the reality sector to get the projects completed in time and will quality norms, as the bank finances both the builders as well as buyers. Quite a bit of NPAs of the … Continue reading

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2014 in US: What I Read This Time

This was my fifth periodic long-break in US after retirement. Books become the second best things to keep me busy. Browsing for news and articles and blogging or writing on Facebook remains the prime engagements after the time spent for … Continue reading

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US Schooling: My Take

During my stay in Cary, I have regularly walked with Emma and Zach to drop them to their elementary school nearby. At the end of the school, I had been bringing them back too. It gave me that immense pleasure … Continue reading

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Post Teachers Day

I found at least some teachers on TV news channels complaining that Modi’s address on the Teachers Day fell sort about teachers. Here in US, it was an early morning treat for me. I critically heard his every word. I … Continue reading

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By One Who Loves and Hates Bihar….

Since 2005, I have been coming to US almost every second year and staying for almost four to six months. I try to meet the persons of Indian origin, and most of the elders are the parents of those who … Continue reading

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Educating India- Some Good and Some Shocking Aspects

I would have loved if Smriti Irani would have gone to establish one of the three types (Kendriya, Navodaya, and Kasturba) of schools in every block of the countryside instead of talking about ‘One IIT and IIM in every state‘. … Continue reading

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Ramanujam and Satyendranath Bose

I knew only the story of Indian mathematician Ramanujan and Prof. Hardy, and how Prof Hardy introduced Ramanujam and his works on number to the entire world: “Indian mathematician who was self-taught and had an uncanny mathematical manipulative ability. Ramanujan … Continue reading

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Amartya Sen on Bihar and NaMo

I wish Amartya Sen would not have gone for remarks on Gujarat and Narendra Modi. It is known to all Indians that the politicians of the two states are almost battling about its growth models. Why shouldn’t a person such … Continue reading

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