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Oct 31, 1984-As I remember

I vividly remember the darkest day of modern India. I was in corporate project planning and was responsible for deciding the equipment and machinery for the two new plants that Hindustan Motors was setting with collaboration of Isuzu Motors for … Continue reading

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Gandhi: Did You Answer Everything?

Pravat Pandeyji from Kolkata sent me the letter that goes as follows: Appended is an excerpt from the article ‘In the name of the Mahatma …’ written by Santosh Desai and published in Times of India of 21.10.2009 – In … Continue reading

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IIT Entry and Media

Somehow, every news coming from IIT is becoming one of national importance. Sibal announced the hiking of the qualifying marks of the examination of class XII for being allowed for IIT-JEE. The protests from CMs and political leaders such as … Continue reading

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परम पिता से एक शिकायत

हे परम पिता ! जीवन की आपाधापी में दुःख सुख चाहे जो हम पायें सह लेंगे सब तेरे बल पर. मन श्रांत ब्यथित होकर पर जब सो जाये करे बिश्राम जरा तुम सपनों से ना तंग करो और दुखित हमे … Continue reading

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India through Foreigners’ Eyes

Last week I happen to read reviews of two new books written by foreigners. One made me morose. The other one was exciting. I further went through an interview published in Outlook by Internationally acclaimed Sanskrit scholar and author Wendy … Continue reading

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Leftists Concern: Suffering or Shining India

Sitaram Yachuri, the most popular and vocal face of CPM, sheds tears about the poor rating of India on HDI and some other reports in a column in Hindustan Times that perhaps he patronises. HDI: Per capita income, adjusted to … Continue reading

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Live 100 Years

Indians talked of a 100 years age as an ideal one with four ‘ashrams‘ or stages, each of 25 years spans dedicated to a different focus. Opinions vary. According to the scriptures many lived very long lives covering thousands of … Continue reading

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