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Innovating India

For quite sometime Anand suggested and is trying to put all my papers and books that I have written on my website He has already put my last book, ‘Latest trends in Machining’ that is now freely accessible for … Continue reading

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Leaders Must Drop Caste-based Perks

The whole of Rajasthan is burning. More than a dozen protesters have lost life. The state all over is under siege. Jaipur Highway is under army. Trains are moving through Rajasthan. And for what a silly reason! Gurjjar community wants … Continue reading

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Create Job in Rural India

Today morning I was entering the park for my walk. Aryas were coming out from the yoga club of the park. Arya had two packets in hand. On seeing me, he exclaimed, “Mr. Sharma, here is satoo from Bihar.” “Are … Continue reading

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Productivity and Innovation can make India win

I was going through an article in ‘Business Standard’ that tells so highly of the success of China and particularly that in manufacturing. I also got the shocking news of Indian government canceling the study tour of China by officers … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-III

Acquiring World over: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries acquires Israel-based Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, a multinational generic manufacturer, in an all cash deal for $454 million (Rs1, 844 crore). Rural Connectivity improving fast: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pledged Rs 480 billion to … Continue reading

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Can China be relied on long run?

It was 1961 or 62, when I wrote a poetry for the first time after the treachery committed by China. Over the years I have not been able to change my perception about that country. Two news items appearing today … Continue reading

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Manmohan@3-II Why Sermonize, Improve Government Administraion!

I am afraid that he is forgetting his basic lessons learnt at London School of Economics and in earlier days in his college. Before sermonizing the industrialists or CEOs, he must look back to his own life and the lives … Continue reading

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Escorts Couldn’t Keep Dr. Trehan- Clash of Interests or Ego Wars

I would have skipped this topic if Krishnan, one time potluck friend, had not crashed on this with me today morning. Escorts meant Dr. Trehan till it was with Nanda. I don’t know if Escorts Hospital became a brand name … Continue reading

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Man Mohan @3: Good Roads, but Many New Speed-breakers<

Man Mohan Singh has completed three years as Prime Minister of this most populous democracy of the world. Many are trying to grade the performance of this great economist as the head of the government. Expectations were more because of … Continue reading

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Noida: Destruction in Mayawati’s Name

We came in Noida in June 1997, bought this house A-54 in Sector 41 and started living in June 1998. We found sufficient frontage that was barren then, Yamuna as usual got busy in building a garden, even though I … Continue reading

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