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Alumni Meet of IIT, Kharagpur- My Views

I wish I would have joined the meet of alumni of IIT, Kharagpur of batch that passed out in 1961. Even the mere imagination of some old men in seventies getting together is pretty exciting. Over the years, I have … Continue reading

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Dr. Sudarshan Sinha- The Forgotten Physicist

I came to know about Dr. Sudarshan Sinha only from Kamkhaya as grandfather of Alpana. Kamakhya was trying to get Alpana married to Rakesh, my eldest son, sometime in early 1990s. I met Dr. Sinha first time during the Tilak … Continue reading

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Corrupt India: Can It Change?

For quite some time, the corruption news are in the headlines in the cover pages. Interestingly, every one denounces it. Sonia doesn’t want to tolerate it any more. Rahul, the prime minister in waiting suggests severe punishment for the corrupt. … Continue reading

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Closed Taj Mahal on Friday

TR Murlidhar and his wife are on holidays in India. They are with us for few days. It’s meeting after 42 years, as they immigrated to UK and then to USA. They are now US citizens. On Friday, December17, 2010, … Continue reading

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From New York to New Delhi

It was raining since some time in night on Sunday, December 12, 2010, when we were to leave New York for Noida. It continued in morning too. Luckily for the first time during our almost twelve days stay, it was … Continue reading

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India’s Endeavour to Become Knowledge Power

India has some very vocal ministers these days. One of them is Kapil Sibal. If one goes by his action plans, India is on the right track to become a knowledge power. He aims at increasing the India’s gross enrollment … Continue reading

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After Living with Future Gen

We are going back to Noida today December 12, 2010 after about three months that I spent with our future Gen. I have witnessed my grandfather’s intense love for children and I was fortunate to get the best of it. … Continue reading

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