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Reimagining India: Election 2013

I have been reading a book ‘Reimagining India-unlocking the potential of Asia’s next superpower’, a compilation of views of many stalwarts from different fields from India and abroad since I returned from US last month. The globally known consultants McKinsey … Continue reading

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US Media and India

I am not one who will bother if Oprah Winfrey makes some more nonsensical remarks about India and Indians to entertain her audience. It is obviously clear that the media in US prefer publishing hot stories from India. Americans may … Continue reading

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India: The Powerless Superpower

India has gone for a record of a sort. As the media was reporting, the last two days of power outage affecting half of the country was the worst in India till date. But now I find someone claiming it … Continue reading

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India Story: Bloom or Gloom

Be it horrendous news reports of rating agencies such as S&P or Fitch or of the ever increasing double digit inflation, from every side it appears that the India story is full of gloom. However, as usual there are some … Continue reading

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My India: Anguish or Anger

I dreamt of India as emerging, shining and competing China. All my blogs on China vs. India were based on my conviction: If China can do, so can India. But since last two years or so, things are declining. India … Continue reading

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Misplaced Views of Ruchir Sharma about India’s Northern States

Ruchir Sharma in the chapter on India’s economy of his widely acclaimed book ‘Breakout Nations’ opines,’The centre of economic dynamism is shifting from the south and parts of the west to the major population centres of the central and northern … Continue reading

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India- The Reasons to be Hopeful

Many had gone abroad for higher education, got opportunity and placed with good companies with six figure salaries and lived a much better quality of life. Some have returned to reinvent new careers in India even on meager remuneration. Some … Continue reading

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