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Bihar: Visiting Extended Family

I had a number of purposes behind visiting Bihar in this season that remains usually unbearably humid and hot too. With Mamaji in his Sasaram house My loving maternal uncle is now in his late eighties. He had been a … Continue reading

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Manmohan’s Credibility Loss and Alternative

Anna’s win certainly has exposed Manmohan and his total ineffective governance. Rahul Gandhi not only proved himself poor in assisting Manmohan to salvage the damage done in making multiple mistakes in handling Anna’s hurricane. Rather the way Rahul tried to … Continue reading

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Visiting Bihar: My Village, Your Village, and the Paradise

I always enjoy seeing the land mass spreading up to horizon when I near my home railway station, Sasaram from the door of the coach. MahaBodhi Express was almost five hours late. It proved perhaps a boon in disguise. The … Continue reading

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And We Returned Enraged

August 20 was a nightmarish day. I had planned to use Metro to reach New Delhi railway station to catch Maha Bodhi Express for Sasaram. But then it started raining very heavily with water logging in front of our house. … Continue reading

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Back to Village

I am excited to be in Bihar for next four days. I wanted it for a longer time, and be there just before the assembly election. But a bad news from Madhukarpur in the demise of the wife of the … Continue reading

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My Call to Farming Community

It was in 2005 while Anand was driving us through California on way to and from Arizona and famous Grand Canyon I saw the huge fertile land on the both sides of the freeways and exclaimed, ‘I wish Man Mohan … Continue reading

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India: Wanted Brave Leaders

It is unfortunate that India lacks real brave leaders. It was not so when the nation was born. Subhash, Nehru, Patel, even Ambedkar, Kidwai and many were brave to the core before or even after getting power and perks of … Continue reading

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