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Nitish Kumar: Why I don’t like him anymore?

Nitish Kumar after working for a year or two for some low hanging items of development, went into full electioneering mode with a single objective of keeping the chief ministership of Bihar safe for himself by be-fooling the most illiterate, … Continue reading

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Our Vacation in Kashmir

सुना था, पृथ्वी का स्वर्ग हैं कश्मीर । कुछ महीने ख़्याल आया यमुना के साथ अपनी शादी की हीरक जयन्ती मनाने का। सोचा असली स्वर्ग तो देख न पाऊँगा फिर अपने देश में जो स्वर्ग है उसे क्यों न देख … Continue reading

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Make-in-India:How China is Killing Manufacturing

I had been writing about the Chinese manufacturing since 2005 after I had visited US and read there a lot on the Chinese manufacturing during my stay of six months. Every developed manufacturing country then was tired of the Chinese … Continue reading

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A Bihar Battle for Becoming Emperor

I don’t know why the recent political development in Bihar reminds me of the year when Dr. Sri Krishna Sinha had proposed a merger of West Bengal with Bihar. Dr. B C Roy agreed first. But very soon Dr. Roy … Continue reading

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