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US: An Afternoon in Barnes & Noble and HBR

I find the visit to a bookstore in US as the most interesting past time. It became more so on October 28 with Shannon’s tiffin box. It reminded me of the days, when I used to work in Harig. Anand … Continue reading

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Harmony in Cary, North Carolina

It’s already more than a month that we are staying with Anand at 103 Alliance Circle, Cary. A two lane road with landscaped tree-lined walking tracks and houses on both sides runs across Harmony community ending at a private property … Continue reading

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Smart, Nano and Jordan Lake

I had a nice experience this Saturday. Shannon and Anand had found out a nice location for a picnic in Cary. A day before, they had visited the place to ensure its worth for taking us over there. It happened … Continue reading

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Has Bihar Changed?

With the month long election already started, Bihar has become a hot topic in media. Has the mindset of the people changed over the years when India has emerged as power to reckon with on global canvass? Will they vote … Continue reading

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US Stay Becomes Study Leave

Every time I visit US, it becomes a study leave. I remember I came to US in 1993 for the first time, when Rakesh was with American Airlines and Alpna was studying. It was a very short stay, perhaps of … Continue reading

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Voting Season: Whom Shall I Vote?

I WILL CERTAINLY NOT VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE JUST BECAUSE HE IS OF MY CASTE OR COMMUNITY. I shall vote for the candidate who has a clean image and has been honest. I shall vote for one who has been … Continue reading

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Rediscovering India from US

I came across a good note- ‘Rediscovering Emperor Ashoka’ on the website of ‘Times of India’. You get nearer to your country and its history when you are in foreign land. I don’t know about others but it certainly happens … Continue reading

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कभी कभी

एक मास में, एक रात के पूर्ण चन्द्र की स्निग्ध चांदनी कितनी मनभाती हैं . पर कितनी ऐसी रातों में इसे देखने हम बाहर होते हैं . कभी कभी बारिस की जब रिमझिम बूँदें मोती बरसातीं हैं. कभी कभी सूरज … Continue reading

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Indians Getting Attention in US

If US wouldn’t have the bookstores such as Borders or Barnes and Nobles, perhaps it would have been difficult for me to enjoy my America’s long stays. Anand had taken me to Borders in Cary, but I didn’t find that … Continue reading

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Between Sandip, Nitish, and Lalu

The Nitish–Lalu Bihar War 2010 has been declared and will get fiercer in coming days before the final onslaughts. It will be all over before I return to my Noida home. Lalu has declared the heir-apparent of his party. He … Continue reading

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