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US: An Afternoon in Barnes & Noble and HBR

I find the visit to a bookstore in US as the most interesting past time. It became more so on October 28 with Shannon’s tiffin box. It reminded me of the days, when I used to work in Harig. Anand … Continue reading

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Harmony in Cary, North Carolina

It’s already more than a month that we are staying with Anand at 103 Alliance Circle, Cary. A two lane road with landscaped tree-lined walking tracks and houses on both sides runs across Harmony community ending at a private property … Continue reading

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Smart, Nano and Jordan Lake

I had a nice experience this Saturday. Shannon and Anand had found out a nice location for a picnic in Cary. A day before, they had visited the place to ensure its worth for taking us over there. It happened … Continue reading

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Has Bihar Changed?

With the month long election already started, Bihar has become a hot topic in media. Has the mindset of the people changed over the years when India has emerged as power to reckon with on global canvass? Will they vote … Continue reading

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US Stay Becomes Study Leave

Every time I visit US, it becomes a study leave. I remember I came to US in 1993 for the first time, when Rakesh was with American Airlines and Alpna was studying. It was a very short stay, perhaps of … Continue reading

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Voting Season: Whom Shall I Vote?

I WILL CERTAINLY NOT VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE JUST BECAUSE HE IS OF MY CASTE OR COMMUNITY. I shall vote for the candidate who has a clean image and has been honest. I shall vote for one who has been … Continue reading

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Rediscovering India from US

I came across a good note- ‘Rediscovering Emperor Ashoka’ on the website of ‘Times of India’. You get nearer to your country and its history when you are in foreign land. I don’t know about others but it certainly happens … Continue reading

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