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US Media and India

I am not one who will bother if Oprah Winfrey makes some more nonsensical remarks about India and Indians to entertain her audience. It is obviously clear that the media in US prefer publishing hot stories from India. Americans may … Continue reading

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Halloween: Some lessons for Indian Farmers

Sunday was Halloween and Halloween all the day. Halloween means pumpkin. One can find all regions dotted with pumpkin patches. Yamuna had a query. Has it got something to do with farmer? She says she smells of a pre-diwali ritual … Continue reading

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Harmony in Cary, North Carolina

It’s already more than a month that we are staying with Anand at 103 Alliance Circle, Cary. A two lane road with landscaped tree-lined walking tracks and houses on both sides runs across Harmony community ending at a private property … Continue reading

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Smart, Nano and Jordan Lake

I had a nice experience this Saturday. Shannon and Anand had found out a nice location for a picnic in Cary. A day before, they had visited the place to ensure its worth for taking us over there. It happened … Continue reading

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