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India’s Middle Class

Vir Sanghvi has come out with some realistic and revealing findings in his weekly column in Hindustan Times on April 27, based on his exposures to the interviews of the participants for audition of Shahrukh Khan’s latest quiz programme ‘Kya … Continue reading

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Maturing Manufacturing Maneuvers<

Indian manufacturing sector is maturing. The story of Maruti Suzuki, that now is a Suzuki company after government’s exit, proves how it has moved from the phased manufacturing days to in-house design stage. Suzuki hesitated to use India- manufactured transmission … Continue reading

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BRT- A damager to IIT Image

The controversial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor has become the nightmare and if media is to be believed, it has created major upheaval in day-to-day lives of a large number of Delhites living in the affected areas where the trial … Continue reading

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Tulsidas and Modernity

Beside one’s expertise such as auto manufacturing and management for me, one must have some other interest too such as reading, writing or even painting. Over the years, Tulsidas and his Ramcharitmanas has been my companion. While many keep on … Continue reading

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Inflation- Traders Laughing, Consumers Perplexed

Inflation is really affecting us, particularly the retired persons. I am sure it must be affecting most of the salaried employees too, as it happened with us in late sixties, when the inflation suddenly rose very drastically. I wonder who … Continue reading

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Bihar Cabinet Reshuffle- Caste or Performance

I have never found Times of India (Delhi edition) covering any news from Bihar so extensively. It didn’t report the Bihar’s only cabinet reshuffle as news. But on April 20, it carried a headline ‘BJP upset with Sushil Modi for … Continue reading

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How much does a small farmer make?

A 2005 cost analysis of a kharif crop grown by a marginal farmer from Basrahiya village in Lucknow district is revealing. The planning department of UP government did the study. Land cultivated: 3 bighas (0.75 hectare) Investment: Rs 12,200 Total … Continue reading

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China, China and India, India

In 2005, when I was in US, the bookshop ‘Borders’ helped me enjoying my 6-months long stay. It was at that time that I could really understand how China has touched every American through its Wall-Marts. But it was some … Continue reading

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Innovating India

It may be a coincidence that while ‘Business Today’ issue has published ‘India’s most innovative companies ‘, Business Week has special coverage of ‘The World’s Most Innovative Companies’. As very appropriately said, “the most innovative companies don’t do different things, … Continue reading

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Two Masters from Aam Adami

Every day morning I pass through the road with the Sai Temple and Shakti Mandir on one side. I stop for a minute on the road itself and try to repeat ‘Shradha’ (devotion, faithfulness) and ‘Saburi’ (patience) – the two … Continue reading

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