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Union Budget 2010: Promises and Outcome<

Why should the government make promises, if it can’t keep? As usual, in this budget speech too, the finance minister made some promises: Government has targeted construction of national highways (NHs) at the pace of 20 km per day. I … Continue reading

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Union Budget 2010: Inclusion of An Unique Innovation

With in-between power outages, I kept on watching Pranab making his budget speech. I am doing this for many years. Perhaps it started in 90s when I was working for the corporate project planning in Hindustan Motors, as I was … Continue reading

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The Economic Survey 2010 Reveals Good, Bad, and Ugly

Good The Economic Survey 2009-10 sees India growing the fastest by 2013-14, provided it is able to overcome infrastructure and bureaucratic constraints. Will those running the government overcome ‘if’? India would bounce back to a high nine per cent … Continue reading

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Recall Reaches India

Indians hardly had any experience of recalling. Maruti Suzuki has broken the record by announcing recall of 1, 00,000 of its A-Star cars manufactured before August 22, 2009 to replace faulty components that could cause fuel leakages. I knew about … Continue reading

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Finally, a Gadget that I Dreamt

I had been discussing and writing about my wished expectations from the e-books getting commercially introduced by many manufacturers. Perhaps the others also felt its need, and a gadget has come with the provision for changing the text, noting down … Continue reading

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Power: A Unique Solution from a PIO

Here is the news report that made me really happy and brings hope. Without power, one can’t think of the development of any country. Source may be any. But it must be cheap and clean, particularly in India. As I … Continue reading

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Album and Autobiography-3

After his schooling in Arrah and then Sasaram government schools, my grandfather left the village to explore the world outside and find means of earning away from the village. As the eldest son, he could have remained in the village … Continue reading

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India as global player in auto sector

With my whole professional life in the auto sector, it’s really amazing to see India gradually but consistently approaching towards becoming a relevant global player in auto sector in the next decade. It’s been heartwarming to see the evolution. A … Continue reading

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Indian Kindle and iPad, But..

If I believe media, Indian techies have developed two products that can easily compete with Amazon’s e-reader Kindle and Apple’s tablet iPad. Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable enough to rate them. I wish someone, who is expert helps me. I … Continue reading

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Agriculture: Emulate Successful Practices

According to a media report, farmers in Haryana have registered a record yield of wheat production at 46.14 quintals per hectare in Rabi season of 2008-09 that is higher than that of Punjab that got a yield of 45 quintal … Continue reading

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