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Manmohan’s Quest for Statesmanship

Indo-US Nuclear deal made Manmohan confident. Rahul’s hesitance to take over strengthened his respectability in the party. He appeared to be forcing himself in cabinet making and allocating portfolios. Manmohan manipulated induction of Krishna as foreign minister to keep himself … Continue reading

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Higher Education: Sibal Must Prioritize

In general, almost every one, the friends as well as foes is appreciative of the numerous radical reforms Sibal wishes to bring in education sector. However, some of them must move fast on priority. As many perceive, ‘the vast majority … Continue reading

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Perpetuating Poverty

I get confused every time I try to understand the intention of the politicians regarding poverty and its alleviation. BPL (Below Poverty Line) has become a pretty popular word. It categorizes the families that are really poor. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Education: Sibal’s Priorities and Rural Education

Sibal has too many reforms on his platter. He has started well and has already pushed the right of education bill through Rajya Sabha out. But will it substantially improve the number of students going to the schools or the … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs! Here is a Business Plan

Finally, we got our Samsung LCD TV back in operation yesterday after three days. We could see the wonderful eclipse right from our bed room and could hear parliamentarians wasting the nation’s money in debating reality shows on TV channels … Continue reading

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Golu: Victim of Distorted Democracy

Golu was with me on Sunday. He has already entered IIT, Delhi. His story is good enough to start a rebellion. At least, it makes me a rebel at this age of 70. I read about the ill-effects of reservations … Continue reading

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Nightmarish Product Services: Suffering Indian Consumers

Last week when Mr. Rai was narrating the story of the amount of trouble he faced with the repair of their Sony TV, I couldn’t appreciate it. When Grover of my neighbourhood enquired if I knew someone who could repair … Continue reading

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School Education: Make It Attractive

The main task for the education managers will be to correct and create conducive conditions in rural India on priority for universalizing education. Many times, it appears as a hopeless lost case with irresponsible teachers and the corrupt state bureaucracy … Continue reading

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Education: Autonomy, Sibal, and Suicide News from IIT

This was a bad morning. I went through a bad news from my IIT, Kharagpur on the website of Telegraph, Kolkata. “Yogendra Kumar Singh, 18, a resident of Noida, a first-year student of IIT Kharagpur, committed suicide. According to the … Continue reading

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Obama and Man Mohan- Mismatch in Priorities

Man Mohan has gone confident. He is behaving as a true prime minister out of the shadow of Sonia Gandhi. However, are his priorities to visit Italy to attend G-8 and then Paris and Egypt instead of concentrating on domestic … Continue reading

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