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Save India, Drop Caste Identity

Anything for ending the menace of the divisive caste system that has kept India in Stone Age thrills me. Unfortunately, in India the governments under different political parties have been the main culprit in perpetuating the caste system. It helps … Continue reading

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China vs. India Again

As reported, an article ahead of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, The Sunday Times mentioned: “Not everyone in Beijing speaks in the silky language of the foreign ministry. Curiously, the enemy most often spoken of is India.” I … Continue reading

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विजयदसमी और राम

हे राम कहाँ हो बैठे, आओ तुम फिर तो आओ तुलसी बाबा हैं कहते अवतरण तुम्हारा कारण था अत्याचारी रावण. फिर आज नहीं क्यों आते रावण जब हर कोने में अपहरण देश का करते. और भाग बिभीषण जाते हैं दूर … Continue reading

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कुछ बचपन की यादें

कुछ बचपन की यादें, कभी हम न भूले, कभी हम न भूले वह दादी की लोरी, और लोरी में चंदा को उनका बुलाना और चुपके से कोरे का मुहं में लगाना, कभी हम न भूले. कुछ बचपन की बातें, वह … Continue reading

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Sibal and IIT

While I have already expressed my views against IIT teachers’ resorting to strike, worst of all a hunger strike, for getting higher remuneration. I hate someone comparing the entry salary with those getting into the industry. Every industry or occupation … Continue reading

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Navaratra: Sapatami Celebration

For many years, I was very regular and carried out fasting and reading of scriptures religiously. I remember once I was in Goa in Navratra on a business trip, but still didn’t give up. However, one day I dropped it … Continue reading

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Can India Excel in Agriculture?

Agriculture is a big concern as well an opportunity for India. Unfortunately, while all the ministers holding different portfolios from agriculture to rural development, and naturally the finance, express their concerns. Sometimes, they shed crocodile tears also, particularly when the … Continue reading

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IIT’s Gurus Can Do Better

In this country believing in ‘bhukhe bhajan na hohin gopala’, it is not strange that teachers in IITs are also going for a hunger strike on Thursday. However, they have assured that it will not affect the students, and they … Continue reading

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Education- Some Issues Require Sibal’s Attention

Sibal has become the darling of media. As many surveys show, the countrymen expects him to succeed to reform the education sector that has remained prisoner under some very biased ministers for almost a decade or more. Here are some … Continue reading

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Nitish’s State and Nitish

The outcome of the recent bye-election went against Nitish and so against his priorities in governance of the state and his vote-bank politics. Voters sent a warning signal to the rulers: They can’t be taken for granted. Naturally, I was … Continue reading

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