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Higher Education Sector Needs Re-engineering

Over the years at this time of the year when in Noida, I get shocked with the news related to the admission menace of the about million or more young boys and girls of the country who out of their … Continue reading

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Amir Khan’s Show: Horrid Healthcare

I had watched the first two episodes of Amir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ though presently in Cary, North Carolina, US, courtesy Internet and U-tube. I was really impressed by Gen-Y young Indians- men and women. They are really bold to share … Continue reading

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Petrol Price Rise: Protest or Fuss

Once upon a time, say some 30 years ago, there were only two car manufacturers in India, each manufacturing only one model of car. Every time, the petrol price would increase, that too by a fraction of rupee, the car … Continue reading

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Manmohan Failed India

I am yet to reconcile with a question, how and why Manmohan failed India, his country that had a potential to race ahead. I am, by nature, intolerant for inefficiency and ineffectiveness. And after seeing India and Indians shining in … Continue reading

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Higher Education: Yes or No

Americans are unique. One created a history by creating a company of $1000 billion last week. In process, he also created about 10 more billionaires and some millionaires too. One among them is a second generation Indian also. Peter Thiel, … Continue reading

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IIT-JEE 2012: Ultimate of Indian Aspirations

The results of IITJEE-2012 are out. It still excites me and reminds me of 1957. And that is the reason behind writing this entry while in USA. Over the years, many things have changed. Here are some salient aspects and … Continue reading

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When in US 2012

It was in 1993 that I visited US for the first time. It was a business trip. I could stay with Rakesh for few days. Alpana was in the university in Dallas. I was there in her school and its … Continue reading

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Misplaced Views of Ruchir Sharma about India’s Northern States

Ruchir Sharma in the chapter on India’s economy of his widely acclaimed book ‘Breakout Nations’ opines,’The centre of economic dynamism is shifting from the south and parts of the west to the major population centres of the central and northern … Continue reading

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A Day when in New York

As usual I get up pretty early in the morning. It has continued here too. And even with the constraints of my poor eyesight, I sit on the laptop and waste some time. Actually I have hardly an interest in … Continue reading

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Wanted a President for the most populous Nation!

The nation is going to have a vacancy for the highest post its constitution has created. The incumbent president made the people to rethink if the majority party be allowed to select a similar person loyal to the first family … Continue reading

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