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Cheating Chits: From Sanchayita to Saradha

Chit fund had been cheating the greedy or needy poor as well as rich equally since time immemorial. Everyone wishes to earn some extra money or make fast buck. I have still few certificates of Sanchayita that my clerk while … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-Tractors

India is the largest market of tractors in the world by volume. M&M is the world’s No. 1 tractor company, by volume with annual sales of above 2, 00,000 tractors and presence in 40 countries. M&M is trying to enter … Continue reading

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एक पुरानी कविता

२०.५ २००१. एक पुरानी कविता हर युग में भीष्म शर कुंठित हुए शिखंडी के सामने आचार्य द्रोन देते रहे आटा घोल पुत्र को लेते रहे एकलव्य के अंगूठे दक्षिणा में शाशकवर्ग हित मारे गए शोकावस्था में धनुष छोड़ झूठे शिष्य … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-2/3 Wheelers

India has raced ahead from the days of Vespa, Rajdoot and Bullet that were hot in demand by prospective bridegroom in India as dowry. Images India is the second largest producer of two-wheelers in the world. In the last few … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-Commercial Vehicles

The production and sales of commercial vehicles tell a lot about the country’s economy. It indicates the country’s growth. Over the years, India was having two major manufacturers in cars and trucks. Though older car manufacturers-Hindustan Motors and Premier Automobiles … Continue reading

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India:Digital Waves

India has seen at least three digital revolutions in past two decades. The first started with setting up of IPOs providing the facility for having local, STD and ISD telephony along with fax for transferring the documents. One could see … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-Car

With a sustained labour cost advantage and a working population estimated to top 850 million before the end of the decade, India is destined to become the second most competitive manufacturing destination globally, leaving behind countries like the US and … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Chidambaram: A Reminder

I respect you as one of the best performing cabinet ministers and parliamentarians.Your speeches are so interesting and assuring. So I would have loved if you could have kept up the promises you made in your budget speeches. It would … Continue reading

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School Cheating: Lessons from Atlanta

I have been contemplating to suggest some ways and means to motivate the school teachers of rural government schools for performing better and to devote time and energy in teaching their students. Even after providing for the infrastructural shortcomings of … Continue reading

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