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IIT Teachers’ Demands-My Views

Pandey and I were in IIT, Kharagpur on the same day in 1957 for final interview to get the department of our choice. While I was with my grandfather, Pandey was with his father. Both the elderly persons were in … Continue reading

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India’s Agro-sector: Encouraging Trends

Indian industrialists are increasingly ready to invest in Bharat, term getting popular to represent the rural India. Many philanthropic wings of today’s industry leaders such as the Azim Premji Foundation, the Akshara Foundation and Arghyam Trust are doing wonderful work. … Continue reading

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India Finds Answer for Clean Water

Water has been the basic necessity for a good quality of life. Over the years, I found drinking water as popular bottled commodity available in almost all corners of the country, be it Badrinath or Nalanda. Is it one of … Continue reading

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Drought Proofing

The government has assured having sufficient food stocks for next 13 months, and resolves to import grains if required. Some have also suggested using NREGA to handover more money in the hands of the deprived ones and opening of Janata … Continue reading

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Improving Education: What is to be taught up to 14 years?

I didn’t like rote learning. That was the main focus in education when I was a child. In the village school, some of the boys were very good in that, particularly with the arithmetic tables of different types. The teachers … Continue reading

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Nitish’s Initiatives Need Punch

If I believe media, Nitish must be credited with many firsts initiated from Bihar, be it RTI on line, 50% reservation for women in panchayats, direct subsidy on diesel for farmers or huge employment of primary teachers. With stalwarts such … Continue reading

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Human Development- necessity of grassroots approach

Human development is a basic necessity, and need not be only through formal education system. If I look back down the memory lane, I find many instances of informal human development. In my village, I had come across an old … Continue reading

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Manmohan’s Promise Prism

Manmohan and his government are mesmerizing the people with the promises of reforms, performance, and unheard of targets since UPA began its second inning. With the last win, it knows who matters for them and how they must be kept … Continue reading

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Higher Education: A Dream Super Knowledge City

August was never so hot. It’s blazing and suffocating with high temperature and horrible humidity. The media is busy creating panic for swine flu. My friend dropped going to movie. The government fails getting bad news of the Indian students … Continue reading

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Higher Education: Benchmarks for IITs

Every policy maker, be it Manmohan or Montek, India baiter Amartya Sen or Jagdish Bhagwati, educationist Yaspal or Sam Pitroda wishes to use India’s demographic dividend to transform it into a global knowledge power. Sibal wishes to transform IITs into … Continue reading

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