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Attracting Incredible Andaman

images of Andaman Islands We returned yesterday after three nights in Andaman. It was a long time wish that got fulfilled. We had heard of Kalapani in childhood. One normally would shiver with the stories related to the word. Andaman … Continue reading

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IIT-KGP – Should I be ashamed?

As one of the alumni of IIT-Kharagpur of 1957 batch, I take pride in the institute and get delighted to read any development over there. It is but usual. I spent four best years of my life there at a … Continue reading

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Nano Arrives, Creates Major Milestone

Images of Nano After the Mamta sabotaged the Nano project in Singur, Tata Motors was under test for its capability to bring in the Nano in a respectable time frame. Nano’s official launch yesterday was a great achievement for Tata … Continue reading

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Does India score poorly on innovation?

The technocrats and scientists at IIT- Kharagpur have developed Total Artificial Heart, TAH. It is very much affordable at Rs 1 lakh. The TAH will be of great help to patients whose heart muscles have become so weak that they … Continue reading

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Airtel: Traumatic Telecom Service Provider

While I keep on writing about the advantage of privatization in the country on my blog, my experiences over the years about the deteriorating private companies are just unbearable. Private banks both domestic and foreign ones have gone totally irresponsible. … Continue reading

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A Day in e-Registration Office

March 12, 2009, Kolkata: We were ready by 10AM as Upesh was to come to pick us up for the registration of the Yamuna’s 28 Kathas landed property of Konnagar. I was feeling feverish and had a mind for not … Continue reading

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Projects of National Importance:Between Failure and Success

Recent stories of India’s capability in product development may make one hopeful about India emerging as a major manufacturing nation. However, some of the failures make even the most optimistic ones skeptics too. The success story of DRDO’s third interceptor … Continue reading

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Will India Get into Clean car Business?

The Geneva Motor Show 2009 has opened with the emphasis put on showcasing green technologies. The world is trying to find a solution to the global warning. As claimed by the environmentalists, emissions from the fossil fuel driven vehicles’ exhaust … Continue reading

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Tamal- A Destiny Destitute

>He came on Friday afternoon. He had informed me but I had forgotten. I came out, saw him, and got shocked to see his extraordinarily short hairs and masked face, Later on, he informed that the mask is to avoid … Continue reading

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