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Doubling “the income of farmers by 2022” or Farmers’ Earning Security:

Modi as well as Jaitley have promised to double farmers’ incomes by 2022. Many doubt it to happen just with provisions in the Budget. The questions relate also if the increase promised was for real or nominal. Further, the others … Continue reading

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India Moving Ahead

Is it not great when if a World Bank official says, ‘It took four months in 2005 to start a business in India, but it takes only 29 days now.’? And some good news….. 1. India now ranks 130 out … Continue reading

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Farming uncertainties, Suicides: Issues and Way-outs

Recent hailstorm and untimely heavy rain damaging the ready-to-harvest crops, death of Rajasthan farmer as well as the prediction of deficient monsoon has gone against the passing of Land Bill giving a emotional tool in opposition arsenal to hit at … Continue reading

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Make in India: Aircrafts

Be it Boeing, Airbus or recently in news France’s Dassault Aviation, all will have a win-win situation by setting up manufacturing facilities in India, may be, by roping in an Indian partner to jointly manufacture aircrafts in different categories. India … Continue reading

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My Views from My Scrap Book

1 Arun Jaitley Let the banks pull up the reality sector to get the projects completed in time and will quality norms, as the bank finances both the builders as well as buyers. Quite a bit of NPAs of the … Continue reading

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Powering India: Go Solar

Cary, NC, USA, July 1: One more home in Harmony community has gone solar, 24 modules of solar plates on the slanting roof matches with the original roof. I saw it happening in my morning walk. In US, there is … Continue reading

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Let India celebrate the arrival of Modi

It is a historic victory for a political party and its hero who made it happen. And it is same perhaps for the nation too. Modi’s rise against many internal obstacles from some senior most leaders and the desertion of … Continue reading

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