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Thanksgiving Day and Turkey

Today is Thanksgiving and tomorrow Black Friday when American will literally be fighting with each other in very early morning queues to empty their purses and buy many things to satisfy their ego and fill the empty spaces of their … Continue reading

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Bihar: Agenda Next

Month long battle for getting into the ruling chair is getting over. It must be a gruelling task for the participants. With whatever appeared in digital media that I could access from my US abode, be it by the articles … Continue reading

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The Chinese Way-Is there something for India?

Anand took me yesterday to Apple Shop for buying a lap top for Shannon. We reached the shop at 9PM. I had agreed to accompany Anand as I wanted to see the life at this late evening in the shops … Continue reading

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Corruption Crisis

It is corruption everywhere.India, the land of Gandhi, has become synonym of corruption. Some may be shedding crocodile tears, but not ready to fight this war that is holding the growth of the country and keeping India lose ground everywhere. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Love for Reva and Nano

I don’t know how to rate Obama’s visit to India. If I go by the number of times the members of parliament including Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi burst into applause, it was certainly one that made the representatives … Continue reading

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Man Mohan and Manufacturing

The world has certainly changed. In our life time, we have seen India looking to America to provide food grains to feed Indians and the machine tools to build its manufacturing sector and financing it. Indian Prime Ministers might have … Continue reading

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Obama’s US and My Expectations

Media in last few days had many advisers for the heads of the two great democracies of the world today, when they meet in New Delhi. I have my own views how Americans and Indians go ahead. I started my … Continue reading

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