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Powering India- Solar way

“Q: What are your plans for promoting solar power? A:We want to wait and see what happens to the commerce ministry’s decision to impose anti dumping duty on import of equipment. We have requested for the review. However, we have … Continue reading

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An open letter to the ministers and MPs from Bihar

An open letter to the ministers and MPs from Bihar Nitish Kumar lost the track that he promised to develop Bihar after he broke the marriage with BJP. There is none in the state who can create hope in the … Continue reading

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Educating India- Some Good and Some Shocking Aspects

I would have loved if Smriti Irani would have gone to establish one of the three types (Kendriya, Navodaya, and Kasturba) of schools in every block of the countryside instead of talking about ‘One IIT and IIM in every state‘. … Continue reading

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Mother Language and my Views

As reported, ‘Modi talks to foreign leaders in Hindi even though he is reasonably comfortable in English. Apparently, he uses translators for Hindi-English or Hindi-Russian language conversions, but if he gets replies in English he needs no reverse translation.’ In … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India: Media and Government Endorsements

Here is an excerpt from Economist from which we can learn that the world understands and appreciates the potential of India to emerge as one of the top manufacturing power. However, the government, through the necessary reforms such one coming … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Modi

The media is flooding with the wish lists of action plans and dreams for Modi. Let me add some of mine. 1. At the outset , let all your ministers understand and appreciate that you do not have five years … Continue reading

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