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Worrying News and the Country’s Leadership

Worrying signals are coming from Tahrir Squares and Wall Sreets. Are the parliamentarians of the world hearing? Can the democracy accommodate such rebellions or protests? India has witnessed its manifestation in slaps and people’s protests. Some recent news reports in … Continue reading

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Kautilya alias Chanakya: Getting Raw Deal

I was going through Times of India on November 19. I came across a news report that highlights the pathetic condition of working of the institutes of the country under the present governing system. “A 450-year-old manuscript, the earliest available … Continue reading

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Migration-Why is it bad?

Rahul has again raised this controversy for political mileage. According to him, the chief ministers of UP and Bihar failed to develop their states fast enough. It made the people of the states go to Mumbai, beg for some jobs … Continue reading

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Bangalore Visit: Some Social Engagements

It was after many years that I visited Bangalore. Main pull was from OP Khanna who has been a great host as we know him closely from HM days. Prabha Bhabhi was in hospital for a checkup but returned in … Continue reading

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Hampi: My Experiences

The history book of high school had described the Vijayanagara and Bahmani empires of south. However, I don’t remember if there was any enthralling reference of Hampi that could make me visit Hampi during many a visits to Bangalore that … Continue reading

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IIT, Kharagpur: 1961 Batch Alumni Meet in Bangalore

I had not attended any alumni meet after the one in Calcutta many years ago. It was due to an initiative of Mr. P Parthsarthy. My batch mate RK Agrawal who worked in Heavy Engineering division was also there. I … Continue reading

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Hampi-Our Heritage: My Views

Every time I think about our history, I get morose to know that even today not much of research is getting done by Indians about our heritages. One can hardly find some good authentic historical and archaeological literature written by … Continue reading

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Promoters of ‘Made-in-China’

As reported recently, ‘From fancy lights, lampshades, Ganesha and Laxmi idols to crackers and other such sundry items, the market in India is surging with Chinese products and consumers seem to be making a beeline to buy these attractive and … Continue reading

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Halloween: Some lessons for Indian Farmers

Sunday was Halloween and Halloween all the day. Halloween means pumpkin. One can find all regions dotted with pumpkin patches. Yamuna had a query. Has it got something to do with farmer? She says she smells of a pre-diwali ritual … Continue reading

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