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India’s State of Economy

Does it help India if its prime minister says, days after days, months after months, years after years, India is not the only country hit but all emerging markets have been hit or for that matter, the present situation is … Continue reading

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Food Bill Through, India Not

So finally, Rs.1.35 trillion Sonia’s game changer Food Security Bill has crossed the barrier of the approval from Lok Sabha members. All the political parties collaborated, some to show their concern for the so-called poor but not the country, some … Continue reading

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नयी जगह, नया गीत

नयी जगह नया गीत एक और रात गयी डरने की बात गई नया प्रात नयी बात नयी आश पाइन और मैपल के पत्तों के ठोरों पर लटके ये ओसकण मोती से । रास्ते पर कंही कंही बृक्षों के पुष्प गुच्छों … Continue reading

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‘Sonia’nomics hurting India

In Noida, on every Saturday, I find a number of young men coming inside the residential complexes from the villages of Noida and ask for alms for Shani God. Will they not be part of the Food Security Bill and … Continue reading

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Falling Rupee vs. Sonia’s Food Bill

For Sonia Gandhi, Food Security Bill is important as a means to win the forthcoming general election even after all scams of her government and not the unprecedented falling rupee deteriorating the image of India in the domestic market and … Continue reading

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How can PM excel with FMs failing?

I am fortunately in US, otherwise I would have been highly depressed. With grandchildren at hand, I can bear all the worst that I come to read from Indian media sites that I can access from here about the great … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India: An Unique Achievement

In last few days at least two events reported in media tell some thing great about Indian manufacturing. The Indian navy launched its first indigenous aircraft carrier on Aug 12 at Kochi, making the country only the fifth in the … Continue reading

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