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Manufacturing India: News and Views-5

Here are some more news in media from the manufacturing sector: 1. India will have to radically transform its manufacturing sector by focussing on large-scale labour-intensive factories producing exportable goods, reducing the share of employment in agriculture from the present … Continue reading

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Economists and their Marketing Gimmicks

It is something unprecedented happening. Two highly respected economists collaborating with one close associate of their own have published two books on India’s economy.The two books are: Amartya Sen’s An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions, co-authored with development economist … Continue reading

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Mid-day Meal scheme: My Views

The story of mid-day meal scandal in Bihar was just shocking. And more shocking were the stories from different parts of the country that appeared in media just after that incident. However, why does it happen in India so often? … Continue reading

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Amartya Sen on Bihar and NaMo

I wish Amartya Sen would not have gone for remarks on Gujarat and Narendra Modi. It is known to all Indians that the politicians of the two states are almost battling about its growth models. Why shouldn’t a person such … Continue reading

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Amar Bose- What Indian Professors can learn?

I wish IITs could have produced some teachers such as Amar Bose.And if I am wrong, let someone correct me. Bose was the only Indian name in US who was a great academician but for persons like me known for … Continue reading

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On the way to US again

At this age, it is really arduous to take a flight at 1.45AM. We prefer Air India as it is a straight flight of a little over fourteen hours, and it departs at this early hours. We are to leave … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India: News and Views-4

1. According to a new plan,Triumph Motorcycles will start assembling completely knocked-down (CKD) kits at a factory in the Gurgaon-Manesar area in Haryana. The company’s manufacturing plans in Karnataka will also be implemented . Almost all the high-end models are … Continue reading

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