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Pranab Story- A Case in Perseverance

Since I had started listening to the proceedings of the Indian parliament on TV, I got impressed with Pranab Mukherji. Fortunately for the country, both the leaders of opposition in the two houses of parliament are brilliant parliamentarians and speak … Continue reading

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Maruti Mayhem- A Gory Reminder

Manesar mayhem and the murder of an innocent efficient general manager reminded me again of a gory day of my early professional career in Hindustan Motors. It was early 70s. The leftists were trying to grab political power in West … Continue reading

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India Brand Democracy

SA Aiyar on Sunday in Times of India wrote, “A recent study in Financial Times shows that relatives galore of Chinese politicians have become millionaires. The “princelings”, as children of top Chinese politicians are called, have riches that dwarf comparable … Continue reading

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Agonizing Noida and Myrtle

July 8, 2012. We had just reached Myrtle in South Carolina after a drive of 160 miles from Cary, NC. We were taking lunch before checking in the beach hotel. Shannon had planned this 2-night holiday at the best beach … Continue reading

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On An American Independence Day, 2012

On its eve, I asked Anand to tell me about the significance of the day and how it is celebrated. I don’t know if I got satisfied. However, Anand and Shannon are excited as they can have fireworks here in … Continue reading

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Manmohan: Will he or willn’t he?

Manmohan has taken over the task of putting the country’s economy back on track. He expressed his wish by a call to revive the animal spirits in the country’s economy. Naturally the nation wishes him to live up to his … Continue reading

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