My Writings

  1. My Favourite Slokas from Hindu Scriptures [NEW]
  2. Latest Trends in Machining
  3. History of Automobile and its Manufacturing
  4. Trends in Engine Components’ Machining
  5. An Overview of Gear Manufacturing Process
  6. Sheet Metal Stamping in Automotive Industry
  7. Body Welding – Can it be flexible?
  8. Painting Makes the Difference
  9. Vehicle Assembly and Testing

3 Responses to My Writings

  1. Tun - Malaysia says:

    Hi Sharma, your article on Vehicle Assembly and Testing is very interesting. When was it wriiten? Thanks. Happy new year.

  2. Jim T says:

    Hi Sharma!
    I read your writing on sheet metal and it was relay enjoyable. I am writing my thesis work here in Sweden on that subject and I really want to have your writing as a reference. But I need more information about the article. What year did you write it? Has it been published? I just need reference information from you.

    • indra says:

      Dear Jim
      It was in late 1997 that I documented the writings on automobile manufacturing. I was working for it for almost 6-7 years, as I was heading project planning of two automobile plants. I had visited many automobile plants in Europe and Japan as well as in South East Asian countries(for low volume production). I had a chance to discuss the technological aspects with the technocrats of many press tools, stamping press manufacturers, and other equipment builders. I thought the documentation will be useful for the industry. You can use it in any manner. I never tried to publish it, as most of the publishers print only text books in India. Thanks

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