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Noida- Government Misuses The Right To Transfer

Some called the business of transfer as industry. It happens quite often in government sector. In many cases, as I hear, one is to pay for getting a transfer to profitable locations. One is also to pay for getting out … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-III

Auto Sector Provides Lead For all the developed countries, be it Germany, US, or UK, the automobiles led the industrial development. It happened in the same way for Japan as well as South Korea. It is happening in China and … Continue reading

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Amritsar- Some Observations

For years, I wanted to visit Golden temple of Amritsar. When we went to Manali, the plan was to return via Amritsar. But it didn’t happen. A month or so ago I expressed my desire to Arora and as usual … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-XXIV

India now $4 trillion economy: India’s economy, which swelled close to a trillion dollars last year, is actually worth four trillion dollars when measured in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) and accounts for 6.3 per cent of the global … Continue reading

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Durga Puja: Enjoy a Tale

One can get confused with the large number of goddesses and gods in any of the Durga Puja pandal that is getting celebrated these days all over India, particularly wherever, the Bengali community is in number good enough to organize … Continue reading

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Frustrating India

Indians keep on postponing the hard work for the solution search of a problem, and wish time or someone else will automatically solve the problem. In recent years, the problem of rehabilitation of the people uprooted by a new project … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-XXIII

Chak De! India India defeat Australia Again. India won the Twenty20 match against Australia in Mumbai on Saturday. The last bash was hit by the Indian captain MS Dhoni, himself, hitting a six. It showed the confidence level. ‘India doing … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-II

Indian manufacturing sector is getting pretty attractive. Smaller enterprises are scaling up. Many MNCs are setting up shops for varied products. New technologies are entering. Indian manufacturers with all odds such as rising rupee are competing. Augmenting manufacturing growth: India … Continue reading

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Sleeping Kings or Devils in Disguise

Last Monday, NDTV, India kept on showing ministers sleeping in the Junta Durbar of Bihar’s Chief Minister. Even with camera zooming again and again on them, the ministers could hardly get disturbed out of their sweet dreams. The ministers were … Continue reading

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Their Dreams, My Dream

Three Delhi finalists-Sanjiv Kaura, 42 Aseem puri, 28 and Satyam Darmora, 27- of ‘Lead India’ initiative of Time of India have a dream of their own: Sanjiv Kaura: I have a dream… a dream of removing poverty in India. But … Continue reading

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