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Rural Education-Islands of Hope

With dismal deterioration in quality of education that the government schools and its irresponsible teachers or shikshamitras are imparting to the children of the parents, who hardly appreciate what his ward is learning and if it will be furthering his … Continue reading

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Nitish and Bihar: My Views

I keep listening to Yamuna when she talks with someone in her village curtsey cell phones that have become so popular. She mostly talks with Satyabhama, her sister-in-law, the wife of Raj Kishore, the youngest among her brothers who worked … Continue reading

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Education in Rural Region: Some Additional Thoughts

In many of the rural schools such as the one in the photograph in my earlier entry, there is plenty of land to be converted into playground or to develop a good enough nursery to improve the ambiance to make … Continue reading

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IIT Day Again

And the day would have been one of celebration in thousands of families in India. The result of the entrance examination for IITs has appeared on the website. IIT-JEE over years has become a symbol of the excellence of education … Continue reading

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Troubling Tuesday

I don’t know why but somehow I am getting scared of Tuesday. I have started avoiding expecting any good things to happen on this day. Believe it, I regularly read ‘Sundar Kand’ of Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas on this day and Saturday … Continue reading

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Education in Rural Region

While the wide media coverage of the battle between Nitish vs. Narendra was the cause of morose for many, I had some reason to keep my hope of developmental politics alive. I kept on hearing about Nitish Kumar visiting schools … Continue reading

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Ratan Tata – A CEO with Difference

First I thought of calling Ratan Tata a business leader, but then decided for CEO. Many of my era doubted Ratan Tata to be the right man to succeed a stalwart like JRD Tata. But today I consider him as … Continue reading

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Food Grains Shortage: A Myth or Mismanagement

India’s fourth good harvest in a row has swelled wheat stocks to 31 million tonnes, almost eight times its target of 4 million, forcing authorities to pile up nearly 7 million tonnes of grain under tarpaulin in the grainbowl states … Continue reading

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Can India Inc Educate Deprived India?

I go back to my school days in Birlapur. Our school, Birlapur Vidyalaya, was in the factory campus and Birla Jute Manufacturing Company (presently known as Birla Corporation) financed it. The company had a scheme for the educating the children … Continue reading

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Ganga: From Mother to Untouchable Status

Ganga must be cursing Bhagirathi to bring her down to earth@. And the most to be blamed are the Hindus who call her Mother Ganga. Each one starts polluting it from birth and in death too. And I feel like … Continue reading

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