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Indian History: Learning during US Visits

After retirement, my only past time has been reading a lot and a very little writing too, including this entry too. But whenever I am in US, it is more intensive and purposeful. During my almost six-months stay in 2005, … Continue reading

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US Visit 2013: some experiences

This visit to US has been very exciting till now. We completed a stay of more than two months with Anand at Cary. We are now in Austin with Rajesh. In Cary, we met many parents from India and one … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India : Despair or Hope

Even with all the gloom of Indian slowdown affecting, India has some attractiveness and India story is tact for some. As reported, “The rupee’s drop is making India a more attractive destination amid rising wages in China and labour strife … Continue reading

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Ramanujam and Satyendranath Bose

I knew only the story of Indian mathematician Ramanujan and Prof. Hardy, and how Prof Hardy introduced Ramanujam and his works on number to the entire world: “Indian mathematician who was self-taught and had an uncanny mathematical manipulative ability. Ramanujan … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India:manufacturing competitiveness?

So finally, I got at least one item in Anand’s household that has a ‘Made in India’ tag. It is a small memo book with 80 sheets of 3×5 in size. Why are the Indian manufacturers not aggressively in competition … Continue reading

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