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Cat Comes to India

Images of Cat Tata Motors first acquired and finally brought in the British icons Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) for Indian market. It is nostalgically historic moment for Tata as well as for all Indians. JLR is owned by an … Continue reading

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BJP’s Self-damaging Opposition to Education Reform

BJP has started with a wrong step. Why should BJP president depute Murli Manohar for reacting to the 100 day plan of Sibal, the education minister? Does he not know that Murli Manohar was hated in academic circle? Why can’t … Continue reading

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Bihar: Politically Deprived State

Perhaps very few people may remember that the first IIT got shifted to Kharagpur in West Bengal from the proposed location in Bihar because Dr. BC Roy wished so. Dr. Roy got it as he was nearer to Nehru than … Continue reading

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Tata Motors’ Nano and Apple’s iPhone

Nano has been a benchmark of India’s innovative strength. Some called it as ‘triumph of Indian ingenuity’. The launch made waves across the automobile crazy population worldwide to a certain extent similar to what Apple’s product announcements make. As reported, … Continue reading

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Noida: My City

Images Noida According a survey based on some forty measures published in the latest issue of ‘Business Today’, Noida ranks sixth among the best cities of India and above the coveted Bangalore and Pune. On the criteria for ‘Life at … Continue reading

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A Letter for Pranab Babu

You for one can appreciate the pains of the middle class Indians, particularly the salaried employees. It is unfortunate that this class toils hard to take the country ahead, but gets so little in return. It keeps on giving the … Continue reading

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Can India and U.S Move Together?

Obama discourages American companies to outsource to India, and moves towards a stringent policy of granting H-1B visas. American companies are still hesitant to collaborate on high tech products with its counterparts in India. USA keeps on hurting the Indians … Continue reading

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India Inc Pushes Ahead With Green Technologies

I was extremely shore after the ministry formation for two reasons. Manmohan Singh couldn’t pick up some efficient young hardworking ministers for power as well as alternate energy. Both are complementary today and critical if the country dreams for becoming … Continue reading

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A PM for Power Ministry

Power situation in India has been grim for decades. I remember how in late 60s- 80s the dismal power situation at Hindustan Motors made our life miserable. Our task at the factory was to keep on closing and starting machines … Continue reading

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Green Technologies: Design for Recycling

“From 2010, the European Union has made it mandatory for all automakers to produce cars that can be recycled up to 80% so that the pressure on the natural resources is lower. Auto compnenets maanufacturers are abandoning the use of … Continue reading

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