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How could IITs produce a Steve Jobs or a second CP Raman?

Since NR Narayana Murthy and Jairam Ramesh raised the issue of the falling quality of the graduates coming out of IITs, there had been many columnists who have referred to their comments. But the deterioration is almost widespread in every … Continue reading

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Ramayana: AK Ramanujan, Tulsidas or Camille Bulke<

Last fortnight a controversy got wide coverage in media. It related to an essay of AK Ramanujan, ‘Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation’, that was part of undergraduate course in history of Delhi University. The university … Continue reading

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Ethical Practices and Corruption

How can a person or a group of activists fight against the enormous resources of the government? Particularly, Congress, with few unscrupulous lawyers, some sycophants as its leaders and some media persons with vested interests to support, is creating a … Continue reading

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US and India: Expectations of Mutual Respect

US is certainly not the same that used to be in years ago, neither is India. While US economy is badly on decline with its middle class in trouble and all the jobs disappearing fast. It has maximum number of … Continue reading

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Corruption Cases:Mercenary Media’s Wrong Priorities

‘Indian Express’ doesn’t agree with Kiran Bedi’s explanation about the air bill that must be in thousands only. Unfortunately, the same newspaper dare not publish some real investigative piece on the day-light and outright loot of the biggest state of … Continue reading

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Job Openings in Plenty, But No Takers

Many a times I doubt if the government really wishes to create jobs. Is it sincere about its skill training programme? Should it follow the text book solution for every problem facing the nation? Can’t the unemployed youth be trained … Continue reading

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India and US: Business of Education

More than a hundred thousand students took admission in US universities last year. It was certainly not only because they all didn’t get admission in good colleges in India. Few might have got a good scholarship too. But the majority … Continue reading

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