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2009: The Year that it was

The year saw a general election, where one old man lost, while the other one own. A deserving Indian owned an Oscar. A person of Indian origin got a Nobel. Indian Chandrayan detected water traces on moon. Indian cricket came … Continue reading

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नए दशक की आशा

एक नया दशक दस्तक देता दरवाजे पर. खोलो कपाट आये बयार बदलो जहान सबकी जय हो. कुछ नए स्वप्न कुछ नए लक्ष्य कुछ नए गीत ले नए छंद छू, छू ओठों को जाते हैं. पर मन बिद्रोही कहता है ललकार … Continue reading

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Last Decade (2000-09) and Changing India

The Last Decade has been the best for Indian economy. Per capita GDP has more than doubled from Rs 15,625 in 2000 to Rs 37,490 in 2009; Foreign Reserves have risen nine-fold from $ 34 billion to $286 billion in … Continue reading

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The Decade (2000-09) and Arriving India

Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar in his weekly column in Sunday Times of India, December 27, 2009 has summarized India’s emergence or arrival. “In the 2000s, business and knowledge process outsourcing followed the lead of computer software to become globally competitive. … Continue reading

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Birlapur: Down the Memory Lane

After many years I visited Birlapur when I was in Salt Lake early this year. Birlapur, the industrial township that was born around the first Indian jute mill that was set up by GD Birla, is gasping. It reminded me … Continue reading

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Rural India Changing Harvest

Inflation of the prices of the fruits and vegetables has been alarming. Who is responsible and who gains out of this inflation? Unfortunately, the farmers don’t. As good news, the Indian farmers are trying to work against all odds such … Continue reading

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Desis that Make News

With increasing Indian immigrants’ presence in all major countries, the news of their success stories regularly appearing in local or foreign media invite different reactions. Some please rather excite, some make morose, and some even pain badly. But here I … Continue reading

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Poverty Alleviation through Recounting

According to the FAO 2008 report, ‘India accounted for 252 million of the 873 million under-nourished people all over the globe in the period 2004-2006. That’s almost 30% of the world’s undernourished population, a share larger than sub-Saharan Africa and … Continue reading

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Contagious Corruption

Invariably every day in morning walk, the discussions of the veterans converge pretty soon on the corruption in the system. For some time in past weeks, the main headlines went to Madhu Koda who had become the chief minister of … Continue reading

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Dham Yatra and Thereafter

According to a tradition, after a Dham Yatra one must give up one thing that the person used to like. What should I give up? With the loss of my camera, why should I not stop photography to which I … Continue reading

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